Padded knobs for outdoor

Padded buttons for the outdoor area

Application areas:

- Upholstery work in the outdoor area
for example for seat covers for camping chairs, covers in the boat area
- Upholstery work in the indoor area
for example seat and back cushions for kitchen benches

Composition Diameter approx. 25mm:
- Plug-in part with 1cm pin made of plastic
- Sleeve part made of plastic
- aluminium top parts are used to cover the buttons
- High quality upholstery fabrics from the furniture sector or your fabric


- Both sides (sleeve part and plug-in part) can be purchased
- easy assembly without special tools (just put the plug-in part through the support / seat cushion - then click into the sleeve part - finished)
- no additional restrictions on care - all care instructions are given by the upholstery fabric. 


- knob covered diameter approx. 25mm
- Knob not covered Diameter approx. 20mm
- Distance between sleeve part and plug-in part approx. 10mm (plugged together)
Composition Diameter approx 20mm & 24mm:

The construction corresponds to the standard eyelet buttons. These are also mounted in this way.
You can find suitable counter buttons with button thread in the accessories section.
Lower part plastic with hook, upper part aluminium